There are lots of lessons out there on Project Management and Leadership. As a teacher on these subjects I like to capture them when I see them. This blog is my repository for them. Now I can pull them back up when I need to discuss them. I’ve found many others interested in these lessons so I try to post at least once a week for that audience.

People ask me questions about Project Management during my classes or through e-mails and blog questions. I answer them weekly using my ‘Dear PM Advisor’ posts which appear every Monday.

The PMBOK Processes are confusing so I used excerpts of my novel to illustrate how these processes work. 

I also spend a significant amount of time assisting people with their resumes and the interviewing process. I have put all these lessons in one place, linked nicely together so that people who need my help can look here first and get a head start on the process. They can also look back here for reference after they have had their sessions with me.