Cool wheelchair-accessible car project

For those who are wheelchair-bound and don't want to spend a fortune for a wheelchair accessible van or hassle their friends and family to drive them around, here is a neat option for driving around town.

It only goes 25 miles per hour and has a range of 45 - 60 miles. But some advantages are that it only costs $25,000 and runs on electricity. But the big plus is the convenience. You simply wheel yourself in, harness up, grab the handlebars and drive. You can park at right angles to the curb so that you can wheel right out onto the sidewalk. So for running errands around town, the Kenguru is perfect.

The story behind the story is how this came to be. Stacy Zoern, who was wheelchair-bound and had just totaled her $80,000 van was Googling wheelchair vans and came across this company in Hungary who had just lost their funding. She made friends with the owner, got some financing and now they are being made in America.

Next up is a slightly larger one that will accommodate an electric wheelchair so that Stacy can finally have her own version.