Margaret Thatcher saved England from itself

With the Euro zone splitting into the haves and have-nots it is interesting to see where England stands and why. The British never adopted the Euro largely due to Mrs. Thatcher's insistence that it would be dragged down by the weaker economies. She was right.


She was also responsible for fighting off the descent into socialism that has plagued some of the Southern European countries which are falling into default. By standing strong against budget deficits and the militant coal miners she pulled Britain through the austerity programs early enough to place the country on strong footing. More importantly she did not wait until it was too late, a lesson Greece and Spain could learn.


She had her detractors. "Ding Dong, the witch is dead'" is rising to the top spot in the British charts. But strong leaders do what's right for their countries, regardless of what is popular. And Britain stands financially firm due the programs she put in place. Give the woman her due.