French 'Workers'

I laughed out loud when reading this recent article about French workers. An American executive described French workers to union representatives as such: “The French work force gets paid high wages but works only three hours. They have one hour for their breaks and lunch, talk for three and work for three.”

The union reps simply laughed and said, "That's the French way!

“You can keep your so-called workers,” he wrote. “Titan is not interested in the Amiens factory.”

While this attitude seems funny to Americans, the French 35-hour work week and 17 week annual vacations make France non-competitive in the global market. France is doomed to follow Greece and Spain into default. Their average citizens scoff at paying taxes while Hollande is raising rates to 75% for those earning more than a million Euros a year.

It's time for the French to take a page from the Germans. Work hard, pay your taxes and watch your country thrive. If they continue with the status quo they will have austerity shoved down their throats by the solvent European countries.