China's Bullet Train Project

The Chinese aren't messing around with their infrastructure projects. They are spending $640 Billion on a bullet train network that will link the country with trains moving at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour! (190 mph for Americans)

Compare this to the US vision, none of which is a reality and the few existing trains barely reaching 160 kph, (100 mph)

I guess it helps when you are China and have a budget surplus rather than a deficit and you can throw this kind of money at infrastructure projects to keep your people working during a downturn in the global economy. $640 billion is some serious money, that's over 40 big digs to put it in perspective.

Let's just hope the Chinese solve the quality issues they've had with early tests on the system that have cost time, money and 40 lives so far. I'll also be interested to see how much the project costs when it is over.