New App provides Malibu beach access

Monica Almeida/The New York Times

For years the rich of Malibu have been illegally blocking beach access to the public by refusing to open up access ways and gating off those that exist. According to this recent article: There are 17 public access ways to the Malibu coastline. Under state law, there should be more than 100. 

Coming from a country (Australia) and a state (Oregon) where beach access is a public right and expectation I am shocked by this behavior.

There has been a way to find the few gates that work by buying a 300 page guide for $25. Finally technology has come to the rescue. For $2, one can buy an app that shows all the secrets. This includes such gems as which garage doors and No Parking signs are fake.

The home-owners protest that there are no facilities to service these 'interlopers' but I bet they fight the installation of bathrooms and garbage cans on 'their' beaches. I say we all get this app and raid their beaches and show them that according to California law, they must provide access. Who's with me?