Lee Iacocca on Leadership

I've been a big fan of Lee Iacocca since I watched him pull Chrysler out of bankruptcy in the late 1970s. I teach about him in my Project Management class and I've referred to him in this blog as an example of a great leader. Some may not know him that well. For those who want all the details, here is the link to his Wikipedia entry: Lee Iacocca's Wikipedia entry

For those who want the short version: HeĀ gained renown as the Project Manager for the Mustang, rose to prominence and leadership and eventually was named president of Ford. He argued with Henry Ford about the minivan and was demoted to Warehouse Manager. The next day he was hired at Chrysler. He turned this company around using some excellent leadership and sales skills: influencing banks, members of congress and the President of the U.S. to make his turnaround project a success.

He has written a few books full of excellent advice on leadership, some shown below:

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

A couple of years back he gained new prominence with a speech about leadership that went along with his latest book. Here is a short excerpt that shows his 'Nine C's of leadership.' It's worth a look.