Great leadership from High School coach

Here's a high school coach who understands what his job is. It is not about winning games. It's about building the character of your players while they are under your care. This coach benched his entire team for a week because they were not acting maturely. They were cyber-bullying, skipping classes, being disrespectful. So they spent the entire week completing a checklist that included pulling weeds, visiting with the elderly, helping out their families and memorizing a poem about character. Those who completed every item on the checklist were rewarded with their jerseys back and the ability to play in the Homecoming game. Those who failed to complete the list, did not.

How did it work? All but nine of the 41 suspended players were eligible to play in the Homecoming game. They lost the game 21-41 to Emery but they gained a lesson in life that will be with them always.