Christie and the Bridge

Politics in New Jersey is fun! Here we see reprisals where a governor's staff will close access to a bridge from a town that refuses to endorse him. If Christie was responsible, he should admit it and laugh. The state would mostly laugh with him and forgive him. What do we care about a few Fort Lee people whining about their George Washington bridge access when we have to line up for miles to get to it while they have three whole lanes to themselves right at the bridge. As far as I'm concerned they should make that pattern the normal flow from now on.


But during a Jan 9th news conference, Christie denied knowledge of the event vociferously for about two hours. As usual, it's a matter of the cover-up being worse than the crime. If it turns out he knew about it, he's a political corpse. Lie to the public and get caught, you're dead. Let's wait and see if the facts emerge that he lied or told the truth.