Leader fired for political views

Not sure what happened to freedom of speech in this country. It seems there are a few sacred cows you can't speak out against. Mozilla's chief executive was fired because he donated $1,000 to support proposition 8 which banned same-sex marriage. Brendan Eich didn't ask his employees to vote with him, didn't discrimiate against homosexuals at Mozilla and he was supported by gay employees as an executive. He just donated money to support his own beliefs. When asked by gay groups to repudiate his donation he stood by his beliefs. And for that he was hounded out of his position.

It's a little sickening that the world has come to this but I take solace in the statements from a few gay rights leaders who are also offended by this behavior. According to a recent Times article: Andrew Sullivan, a prominent gay writer and an early, influential proponent of making same-sex marriage legal, expressed outrage over Mr. Eich’s departure on his popular blog, saying the Mozilla chief had been “scalped by some gay activists.”

“If this is the gay rights movement today — hounding our opponents with a fanaticism more like the religious right than anyone else — then count me out,” Mr. Sullivan wrote.

A number of gay rights advocates pointed out that their organizations did not seek Mr. Eich’s resignation. Evan Wolfson, a leading gay marriage advocate, said that this was a case of “a company deciding who best represents them and their values. There is no monolithic gay rights movement that called for this.”