Chris Paul. Sports role model

There are not a lot of role models anymore in the NBA. But here is a notable exception:

Chris Paul puts his family first, married his high school sweetheart and planned his high school's 10th year reunion. Joining the player's union as a rookie, he is now the president and is dedicated to improving life for those who follow.

How did he develop his leadership style? Look at how he his parents raised him:

  • No earrings, tattoos or names shaved in his hair
  • No video games until weekends
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Know your black history
  • Visit historical sites on vacation
The day after he signed with Wake Forest, his 61 year-old grandfather and best friend was mugged and killed for his wallet. The next day, he scored 61 points, intentionally missing his last free throw so that his point score would be a tribute to his grandfather's years. Then he sat on the bench and broke down.
He is building a basketball court in Winston-Salem and naming it after his grandfather.
This is the kind of man I want my sons to look up to.