Color-blind leadership in Detroit

When Deb Hughes saw her neighbors beating a man to death for accidentally running over a boy with his pickup, she reacted with bravery. She pushed past the crowd and covered the man with her body, threatening to shoot the next person to kick the victim.

Read this article to see how Steve Utash, after accidentally hitting the boy and stopping to help was pounced on by a group of young black men who punched and kicked him into a coma. Deb Hughes saw no color that day, just a man being killed and her nursing instincts drove her to protect him.

I'm happy about her display of leadership but I'm wondering where the outrage of Al Shapton and Jesse Jackson is. If a group of white men had been beating a black man to death, you can be assured they would have been protesting that day.


Sometimes the real heroes are the unknown ones like Deb Hughes.