Dear PM Advisor. Sep 22, 2014

Dear PM Advisor In a small company where the PMO is absent, what should be the role for Project Manager?

Alone in Lahore

Dear Alone

The Project Management Office has a lot of traditional roles, many of which can be taken over by a Project Manager in a company without the PMO. Let's look at them:

  1. Maintain the PM templates
  2. Keep all the project records
  3. Train the Project Managers
  4. Provide PMs to the organization
  5. Write the Project Management Guide
  6. Facilitate the steering committee
  7. Organize project prioritization 
  8. Decide on Project Organization style

So in your situation you can do roles 1 and 2, get yourself trained and be the PM for the organization. Writing the Project Management Guide should be done no matter what and you can have a streamlined guide in your current role. 

When it comes time to setting up a high-level steering committee and getting the organization to agree on project priorities, your success depends entirely on your personality.  

Deciding on the Organization Style is pretty simple. Your company has already decided on Functional, Projectized or Matrix. If Matrix, you cannot be strong since you don't have a PMO. If you are called a PM, it seems like you are, you are in a balanced matrix. If not, you're in a weak matrix structure.

Take advantage of the lack of structure to do whatever you want to make life as a PM easier. 

Good luck,

PM Advisor 

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