Dear PM Advisor. May 13, 2013

Dear PM Advisor, I have a team member , representing Finance, who is critical to the success of my project but her only activities appear at the beginning and end of the project. Is she a core team member? Does she need to attend every status meeting?

Disjointed in Delaware

Dear Disjointed,

A core team member is anyone who has active contributions to make on activities for the project but is not an extended team member. An extended team member contributes to the project but through an extended team leader (ETL) within their function. That ETL is the core team member and should attend all status meetings.

You have a typical project where some team members are with you through the thick and thin of the project and some only make occasional appearances.

Meeting my philosophy of never wasting anyone's time, I recommend talking with this occasional team member and telling her that she does not need to attend team meetings after she finishes her first activity until it is close to her next activity coming due. She should continue to read the status reports but she needn't waste her time in weekly meetings.

If she wants to attend the meetings, by all means allow her to do so. You don't want to alienate her. But show respect for the value of her time by allowing her to make that choice.

Good luck,

PM Advisor.

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