Dear PM Advisor. April 8, 2013

Dear PM Advisor,

What's the difference between Theories X, Y and Z management style?

Algebra in Waltham, MA

Dear Algebra,

I remember getting this one wrong when I took my PMP exam 15 years ago. I since learned that McGregor has Theory X and Y. Ouchi is responsible for Theory Z.

You can take the time to read the full books here.

See it at


See it at

Or just get the summaries on Wikipedia: X and Y or 

But, if all you want to do is pass the relevant questions on the PMP test, here is all you need:

Theory  Theorist              What is it?                                                                      

X: McGregor Managers have to stay on top of dishonest workers to make them work

Y: McGregor Workers are honest, managers can trust them to work unsupervised

Z: Ouchi         Provide workers with security and they will be loyal to management

You can remember this by the fact that the Japanese guy wants to treat workers like traditional Japanese companies did back in the 80's. And as far as X and Y is concerned, X is bad like when they X out bad singers in the Idol show.

Good luck,

PM Advisor.

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