Dear PM Advisor. July 22, 2013

Dear PM Advisor, I've learned to apply measures to my deliverables when planning my projects so that I know when the deliverable is complete. But I recently was handed a project that is very research heavy. We don't know if we can meet the kinds of measures we are applying. What should we do? 

Measure for Measure in Delaware.

Dear Measure for Measure,

I applaud your use of measures when planning a project. How do you know if your project is a success if you don't know what a successful deliverable looks like. The more numbers you add to each deliverable, the better.

But what about a research-heavy project? If your goal is to improve on an existing product or improve efficiencies in operations, the best you can do is set a benchmark and try to meet or beat certain high-level measures. Condust the research with thta in mind and see what you end up with.

When the research is complete and you are moving into development, you should have a better idea of what specific measures get you to those high-level benchmark numbers and you can apply the measures at that point.

Good luck,

PM Advisor.

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