Dear PM Advisor. March 25, 2013

Dear PM Advisor I've been taking PMP Practice tests and struggle with the scenarios where they ask what you should do. All the options seem to be good ideas. Any hints

Puzzled in Manhattan.

Dear Puzzled,

The question formulators have typically left out one word: First.

I have found that when adding that word at the end of the sentence: What should you do first? the answer becomes more clear. Usually all the options are good but they want to know what is the first thing the PM should do given the scenario described previously.

This is not always the case, sometimes they have included the word first and you don't need to add it yourself.

But there also seems to be another trend the PMI wants. Whenever an option suggests talking to your boss, asking your boss, advising your boss of something bad, reject it. Let me make this clear. PMI says reject it, I don't. This has always seemed like a bad career choice to me. I always suggest keeping your boss informed and asking his/her advice. But, for some reason, the PMP exam wants you to solve all the problems within a vacuum.

This two pieces of advice should help you with 95% of the scenario questions.

  1. Add the word: first.
  2. Reject any answer that suggests talking with your boss.

Good luck,

PM Advisor

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