Dear PM Advisor. Sep 16, 2013

Dear PM Advisor, How can you plan a project if you don't know who needs to be in the room? An Objective is such a powerful tool, shouldn't the right people be there?

I object from Columbus, OH

Dear Object,

Projects don't start in a vacuum. By the time you are ready to plan a project, one of the first steps being the creation of a Project Objective, the project has gone through many early phases. The names of these phases vary from one company to another but during these phases, the idea behind the project has been studied and researched, a business case has been made and the project has been authorized.

Somewhere during these early phases people should have determined the right team for this project. Not to say that during the actual planning we won't discover that someone else is needed we hadn't expected but most of the right people will be there. They can be trusted to craft a good Objective.

Good luck,

PM Advisor

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