Dear PM Advisor. Dec. 23, 2013

Dear PM Advisor, Reading through your post about How to plan a project I like the way you get people to sign up for responsibility at a task level using dots and circle-dots. But what if a person owns a task but also contributes to it? Do they still get a circle-dot?

Dot in Morristown, NJ

Dear Dot,

The best way to conduct the Responsibility Matrix session is like this:

  1. Place all the tasks (Activities) on the x-axis
  2. Place all the Team members on the y-axis
  3. Ask those present: "Who is actively contributing to this task's completion?"
  4. Note those raising their hands
  5. Place dots at the intersections of those people's name and that task.
  6. Ask of those who contribute: "Which of you takes responsibility for the completion of this task?"
  7. Place a circle around that person's dot.
Notice that, using this method, the owner of each task must be a contributor as well.
Good luck,
PM Advisor.
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