Dear PM Advisor. Feb 24, 2014

Dear PM Advisor, I'm having a real problem getting the documents we produce on our project approved. More people want to review the documents in the second round than who reviewed it in the first round. Any suggestions?

Runaround Sue in Cambridge, MA

Dear Runaround Sue,

A great tool for this is the Responsibility Matrix. The Cadence version takes teh activities shown on the Work Breakdown Structure and determines who will provide active contribution to the completion of each task. This visual tool can help you explain your problem to the management who can do something about this.


When they see, graphically, that rather than funneling down the review from a large number to a subset to one or two who approve the document, a broadening of reviews, they should understand your concern. If not, ask them the question: "Won't I be wasting time on the first set of edits if the whole set of reviewers doesn't look at it the first time?"

Good luck,

PM Advisor

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