Dear PM Advisor

Jan 11, 2018

Dear PM Advisor,

I am interested in obtaining my PMP certification this year. I feel like I do not have enough time between now and March to apply, take a course, and study. I’m thinking about waiting until after March to start the process. What are your thoughts about this? Do you think the PMP exam is getting harder with the post-March changes? Also, should I be concerned that study resources and those who teach classes will need a few months to understand the new exam, before I can start studying?


Hi Roshni!

A conservative estimate is 100 hours of studying required to pass the PMP exam. So, unless you join a January prep class and start cramming, you’ll be unlikely to be done by March 26th when the new exam rolls out. 

The PMBOK 6 version of the exam will not be harder, in that it has the same amount of questions with the same breakdown and difficulty. However, there is more material to cover so that requires more studying on your part. Perhaps 110 - 120 hours of studying.

The companies who provide exam preparation services have had the new PMBOK since September of last year and have been busy creating new material for the new exam. I know my company, the ePlatform, has been busy creating the new material since September and will be ready to roll out our first class in February. We are spending this month cross-reviewing each other’s work to ensure we all agree with each other’s interpretations of the changes and to ensure a consistent message for our students. We are conducting our last class for PMBOK 5 in January.

None of us preparation people are allowed to take the actual exam to see if our classes align but we can compare it to the exam content outline that the PMI publishes every four years. That has not come out yet for the new PMBOK so we do have a few sections we are holding in reserve in case they say they will test on them. That is due to come out a few weeks before the exam so we’ll see. An example of this is the emerging trends that now appear in the PMBOK but may or may not be in the actual exam.

Why not sign up for our February class so you will be ready shortly after the new exam rolls out?

Click below for a link to this class. The February dates will be posted shortly.


PM Advisor