Dear PM Advisor. Sep 26, 2016

Dear PM Advisor,

How much detail should I place in a Scope Statement versus a Charter? Are they the same thing?

Determined in San Mateo.


Dear Determined,

A Project Charter is developed early on by a small group of people who may or may not be members of the team who will plan and execute the project. The level of detail is low or, to make it more confusing in terminology, it is a high-level look at the project. 

A Scope Statement may use the same basic template as the Charter but the level of detail is much better. It is developed by the team who plans and executes the project and is much more accurate. Dates and Budget are more likely to be hit, specifications and resources required are more accurate, scope is better defined.

All of this is true because the issues, risks, assumptions and questions section of the Charter has been addressed. A lot of questions we did not know the answer to have been answered. Assumptions have been tested for realism. Risks and issues have been looked at and taken into account in the estimates on the scope statement.

Good luck,

PM Advisor.

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