Dear PM Advisor. October 3, 2016

Dear PM Advisor,

Thank you for answering my question from last week about how detailed my Scope Statement should be but I have a follow-up question. While you teach that a Scope Statement should contain all the project's deliverables, my management doesn't want that level of detail there. Can I just keep the scope section of my Scope Statement high-level and leave the deliverables to the Work Breakdown Structure?

Determined in San Mateo

Dear Determined,

Of course you should display the level of detail requested by your management. That includes what you display in your Scope Statement and your schedule. Some managers only want to see deliverables in the schedules, others only want to see milestones. Give them what they want. But please put every activity in the WBS as this is supposed to represent all the work that is required to successfully complete the project. Add every activity and subtask to the schedule but roll it up tio their satisfaction when displaying this to management.

Good luck,

PM Advisor

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