Dear PM Advisor

Dear PM Advisor,

When I fill out a Responsibility Matrix, should I add the lab and draftsmen as separate resources even though they are being represented by the core team member? I'm afraid my core team members will look overloaded if I assign all the time of their extended team to them.

Transparent in Singapore

Dear Transparent,

There are, as you say, two ways of doing this, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Show the work being done by the extended team on the core team member and they look overloaded. They then need to crate their own responsibility matrix for their extended team, just as the Project Manager had to do so for the core team. At that level, the work is broken out and everyone can see where the work is really being allocated. 

Or add the extended team members to the Responsibility Matrix (RM) and show the work being done by the correct resource first time. But if you have over 15 team members, between core and extended, the RM becomes unwieldy and difficult to interpret. 

So my advice is to add extended team members until you have used all the open slots on the Responsibility Matrix and, after that, assign all the work to the extended team leader (ETL). Then, the ETL will create their own charts for their teams. 

Either way, by the time you transfer everything onto the schedule, the work is allocated to the correct person as their is no difficulty in showing all the resources on a Gantt chart.

Good luck,

PM Advisor.

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