Close Project or Phase

With excerpts from my Project Management Novel, I will illustrate the many processes of the PMBOK.  Here is the forty-first one: Close Project or Phase. Use this map to see how this process fits into the scheme of processes.  Close Project

Then he and Fred returned to Avalon to see what was happening with the tower. On the way over, they talked about closing projects. “This project will be different from all the others we have closed in the past,” said Gwilym as they waited for the Avalon barge. They were being carefully watched by the four guards at the ferry stop. Gwilym knew all their names and the guards all knew that it was he, not Glastonbury, they were protecting from Palomides.


“Why is that, Gwilym?” asked Fred.


“In the past, what did we do when we got near the end? We looked over the scope and requirements, made sure that the end product matched the one we designed in the beginning. We had the local stakeholders check over our work to ensure the quality matched their expectations. We came up with a punch list of items we needed to finish up to keep them happy. We discussed the lessons we had learned over the course of this project that we could take to the next project. Then, when Sir Kay would come in with his three inspectors, they would look everything over and say they were satisfied. It will be different this time.”


“How so?”


“For one thing, the olders do perfect work. I’ve been watching over them and taking measurements. There is barely a visible crack between stones, let alone any slope to any line. It will never fall or settle. It’s built on solid rock. The measurements are exact so there is no question about a punch list at the end.”


“Second, who is our local stakeholder? Viviane is gone and Nimue seems to have no interest in the tower. The olders are quite happy with their work if I am to believe your translations. You and I can’t be happier.”


“Third, what kind of a lessons learned discussion are we likely to have with these olders. ‘Should have used our magic to be more efficient so we could have built the tower from the top down?’” Fred snorted out a laugh and Grainne gave Gwilym a disdainful look.”


“The only thing that will be the same is getting the final signoff from Kay.”


“Then that’s what we’ll focus on this time,” said Fred.