Close Procurements

With excerpts from my Project Management Novel, I will illustrate the many processes of the PMBOK.  Here is the forty-second and last one: Close Procurements. Use this map to see how this process fits into the scheme of processes.   Close Procurements

“Well!” said Gwilym. “I had no idea. Anyway, these olders have practically finished the project. We should start doing the steps we normally do to close procurements. I’m just not sure how to do it with this project.”


“Why is it any different this time, Gwilym?” asked Fred.


“Because we don’t pay these folk, for one. We have no final payments to quarry or sawyers, we have no bonuses to mete out. So how can we conduct procurement audits when no money has changed hands? What kind of negotiated settlements are appropriate? We’ve done those in the past when the quarry couldn’t deliver the capstone in Huish for example. We had to pay him a little for the effort but not for the final product since he didn’t deliver us anything. And we normally get final approval on all the contracts and other procurement documents before we can close the project. So Fred, How do we do this if no money has changed hands?”


Fred was looking uncomfortable. “’Tis true that no money has changed hands and that no money is owed. But there is a contract betwixt tha, th’olders and Merlin. And Viviane too if she were still alive. I reckon Morgaine now plays that role. But th’point is, there is a debt that’s owed and it mun be repaid.”


“What debt do we owe, Fred?” asked Gwilym.


“Tha will have to ask Merlin on that.” Fred replied.