Identify Stakeholders

With excerpts from my Project Management Novel, I will illustrate the many processes of the PMBOK.  Here is the second one: Identify Stakeholders. Use this map to see how this process fits into the scheme of processes.  Identify Stakeholders

The next day they left Caerleon, arriving at the Cardiff ferry dock in time to see the boat approaching from Brycgstow. The tide-exposed mudflats smelled like a newly fertilized field. While they waited, Bleddyn asked his father about the charter.

“It’s a document that describes the project to everyone who cares about it. That way there can be no arguments about what to do. It’s also a contract between all the people who work on the project and King Arthur. That includes me. I have to make sure I finish when we agreed and for the amount of gold I promised.”

“Who are all these people who care about the project?”

“The quarryman is one. He’s the one who started this whole thing and caused me to make up the charter. I’ll be looking forward to showing him King Arthur’s signature. But there will be others who argue in the future and I can show them the charter at that time.”

“Why not show them the charter first, Da, before they make any trouble?” Bleddyn questioned. “That might save some time.”

“Grand idea, son! Let’s make a list of everyone we should show it to while we wait. There are all the builders on the site, Father Drew, the quarryman, the bishop, the forester, the masons, the carter, the village chief, the inn-keeper who brings food to the site. Who else? ”

“What about Tarrant?”

“Now that’s interesting. I should also be thinking of people who want the project to fail. I’ll have to keep them in mind for this list of people who care. Though I may not go out of my way to find him, I’ll keep the charter safe so I can show him if he argues again. It states who’s in charge.”

“What do you call this list of people, Da?”

“They are all people who have a stake in this project, one way or another. I’ll call it a list of ‘stakeholders’ then. Or how about a Stakeholder Register? That sounds better.”

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