Develop Project Management Plan

With excerpts from my Project Management Novel, I will illustrate the many processes of the PMBOK.  Here is the third one: Develop Project Management Plan. Use this map to see how this process fits into the scheme of processes.  PM Plan

“How will we be makin’ this tower better than th’last one?” asked Fred.

Gwilym thought long and hard. “There were a lot of problems last time and they seem to all stem from not knowing exactly what everyone wanted. The charter showed what the king wanted, and I did well following that, but I think instead we need more details. The charter can provide an overall understanding from the king, but we should allow the people who will be using the tower and the people who have to build it have some say in what the real requirements are. From there we can figure out what we are doing and how to get it done.”

Fred furrowed his brow and hummed to himself for a few minutes. “What were you just doing?” asked Gwilym when Fred seemed to be finished.

Fred blushed red and mumbled, “Oh, just tryin’ to remember what tha told me.”

Gwilym cocked his head.

“Well, tha knows I cannae write. I’m too dense for that. Even thy son can write and here I am, a grown man but too stupid. So I remember things by songs. It’s my only way.”

“Fred. You’re not a stupid man. I’ve seen you grasp the concepts of building faster than any other man I’ve worked with. Ignorance of the skill of writing is not stupidity. Men were remembering things by song long before someone thought to write them down. These scrolls I carry are just the written words of long-ago songs. But sing me your song about tower building. I’d be privileged to be your audience.”

Blushing and smiling, Fred stammered out that it wasn’t a song about building towers. “I figure that th’song would work for any kind of buildin’, any kind of project for that matter. It’s a song about gettin’ a group together and doin’ sommat…when they be not thy men…when tha not be in charge of them, tha see?”

Gwilym nodded and said, “Sing me your song. I think I could learn a lot from it.”

“Tha be th’one teachin’ me. I’m just rememberin’ it. Th’song’s not ready yet but I can give tha a taste for it.”

Fred cleared his throat, then sang out in a clear tenor:

If tha want thy project to be no harder

Go to the king to sign thy charter

Make sure it says how small or large

And says quite clearly that tha’re in charge

It should show how it meets th’kingdom’s need

And keeps all th’others from their greed

It went on like this for a while, describing the charter and the list of stakeholders. There were some awkward verses about scope and requirements. Fred stopped and said he had to work out those last verses better when he knew more about them and had seen how they work.

“Fred! You’ve done a great thing here. Keep building on your song. When it’s done you’ll have the guide for Project Management. I can write it down for you in a scroll and you’ll be famous as a teacher of future Project Managers.”

“Ach! Tha’s just havin’ fun wi’ me now. Leave off.”

“No Fred. I’m serious. You’ve created something important. Please do keep it going.”