PMO Creation - Week 9

We held our first official Steering Committee meeting this Friday with good results. Below was the Agenda:  

  1. Cancel Complete Projects
  2. Add New Projects
  3. Reprioritize Existing Projects
  4. Change Control
  5. Resourcing
  6. Complete Executive Briefing
Most of the team was there. I was only missing Medical and part of Operations.
Sarah had pasted the latest Priority List on the walls with numbered Post-its next to each project title ready to be moved.
  1. We cancelled a couple of projects that were not really projects, just deliverables within other projects.
  2. Then our CEO asked us to add a couple of projects that stemmed from new customer orders. We figured out the priority of these by holding the post-it next to the top projects and asking: "Is this more important than this one...this one...etc."
  3. Then we looked over the list and decided that a couple of projects needed their priorities adjusted. But not as many as I expected. I'm used to more fluidity at this early stage.
  4. Mike showed off our Change Control System. We made some suggestions for improving it and he took notes.
  5. Sarah showed off the resourcing spreadsheet. This is almost ready to go. Sarah will update this with a few changes and send it out to the team to fill out for all their people.
  6. I completed the Executive Briefing and everyone felt like the time was well spent.