Perform Quality Assurance

With excerpts from my Project Management Novel, I will illustrate the many processes of the PMBOK.  Here is the thirty-fourth one: Perform Quality Assurance. Use this map to see how this process fits into the scheme of processes.  Perform Quality Assurance

Fred wrote that down. “And this chart is part of this Perform Quality Control?”

“Yes. That and any other measurements we take to make sure we keep track of the quality of the work we do.”

“You mean the “Control Charts. What about when we ask six ‘Why’s’”

“Yes. That belongs there too. Call that ‘Cause and Effect Diagrams.’”

“But if we do this all along, what about what Abbot Crawford was doin’ or what Nantlais does when he checks the tower when we’re done. Aren’t they doin’ quality control?”

Gwilym pondered this for a moment. “It’s not strictly Quality Control because they can’t control anything. It’s usually too late by then. What they are doing is kind of like a “Quality Audit.”

“What’s an audit?”

“That’s where you check how people are doing the things they do. In this case, how are we doing with our quality control activities to assure that the overall quality of the building meets the standards they expect. So it’s more like “‘Perform Quality Assurance.’”

“Do I put that under Monitorin’ and Controllin’?”

“No,” replied Gwilym. “It’s still an Executing Process. Even though some of it, like what Nantlais does, is done after the tower is built, it can also be done during the project and, if they ask us to change our work, like Abbot Crawford did, it results in us having to change the scope of the project.”

“What else do we do as part of Plan Quality Assurance?”

“We change the way we measure our quality. We might plan our quality differently or perform different quality control tools. What Abbot Crawford did for us in Glastonbury was make us add things like the control chart. That’s part of Performing Quality Assurance.”

“Aye,” said Fred, writing in his Project Management Guide.