Distribute Information

With excerpts from my Project Management Novel, I will illustrate the many processes of the PMBOK.  Here is the thirty-ninth one: Distribute Information. Use this map to see how this process fits into the scheme of processes.  Distribute Information

The project ran smoothly for the next few months. The original residents of the buildings that were demolished were moved with the assistance of Gwilym’s entire crew to new lodgings or the inn until they found their own. The carpenter volunteered to assist the crew, curious why he hadn’t been picked by Morgause in the first place since he was not busy. The twenty strong men assigned to the project by King Lot made the demolition, foundation digging, delivery of supplies and foundation building run smoothly. The project was ahead of schedule.


Fred instituted daily meetings of the crew, going over the previous day’s work and emphasizing what must be accomplished today. Gwilym visited the King’s court weekly to distribute project information to the major stakeholder. On receiving the updates, good or bad, King Lot always seemed happier. Gwilym was curious about this.


“King Lot,” he asked one day. “I just told you that the wrong wood had been delivered and the project will be delayed for a week. Yet you seem happy with the news. May I ask why?”


The king frowned at this question, pondered it, then returned with: “I suppose I just like hearing the truth. I’m suspicious if people tell me ‘Everything is going well,’ and then I find out that the project will be delayed at the end. If you tell me about your problems right away, and show me what you’re doing to overcome them, I know that you’re not hiding your problems from me until they’re too late.”


As the summer progressed, so did the tower. With the help of the twenty strong men, they got a head start on the bottom. Gwilym split the crew into groups with the old men concentrating on teaching the boys how to do the work. While this slowed down the work, morale improved because everyone was either learning or teaching and the crew worked later into the long summer nights. The work was not strenuous so the men were able to keep working late.


Gwilym and Fred devised many ways to grow the team. They played games that taught the tricks of one of the tower building professions. They rotated the crew to different positions. They celebrated each minor milestone.